Born to be a Journalist

Why be a journalist? Isn’t the journalism world slowly dying; disintegrating and shrinking till there will soon be nothing left? True some might think this is the future of journalism, yet I however do not.

I still remember my childhood around the television set.  Then it was primarily my parents who watched the news on TV. As an impressionable child I did not have any real understanding of the news. What I focused on then, was the meteorologist’s funny jokes, stories and antics. Bill Matheson was, and is still, a legend.  Growing up though, I began to take different meaning from watching news on TV, reading a newspaper, or listening to news blurbs on radio. I now can understand the various news stories.  Well most of them; sports is still a foreign subject for me.

It is my firm belief; everyone has a story to tell.  I’d like to someday tell some of those stories. As I prepare myself for applying to a university Journalism program, I feel the hunger and passion in me ready to come forth. I am ready to share with the world, the news of each day. The woes, the triumphs; the challenges and exultations, I want to share it all.


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