Boredom Post

So I’ve been trying to write about topics of interest, but I’m bored. So I’m going to write something totally non consequential. I’m going to write a survey about myself.

Name: Erin Solange Despas

Country of Origin: Canadian born, but proud of my mixed European heritage.

Mother tongue: I speak English, although do speak German fairly well, and bits and pieces of several other languages.

Favourite music genre: I’m eclectic. I will typically listen to anything from some jazz, pop, classic rock, contemporary (adult), Celtic music (particularly traditional Irish), swing, blue grass, etc.  I also like the odd song from the World Music genre (ex: Gayatri Mantra).

Favourite bands: Great Big Sea, Celtic Woman, Ennis, M.C. Hammer, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Rammstein, Arrogant Worms, Méav Ní Mhaolchatha,etc.

Favourite Movies: Gone with the Wind, Lean on Me, John Q, Pursuit of Happyness, Cider House Rules, Dead Poet’s Society, etc.

Favourite TV shows: Judging Amy reruns, various Newscasts/channels, Say Yes to the Dress, W5, 16:9, etc.

Favourite subjects to study: English, Other Languages (German, Irish, Welsh, etc.), Psychology, Spina Bifida, and anything I hear on the news or in day to day conversations that peak my curiosity.

About Me: I’m twenty four years old. Born and raised in Western Canada. I have a birth defect called Spina Bifida but it’s only a minor part of my life. I am mobile, with only having to use a crutch to navigate buildings and other environments I am unfamiliar with. Also I have to use my crutch for balance in regards to snow and ice. Beyond that, I can pretty much live normally with minimal adaptations for activities I participate in.

Career Aspirations: I’ve had a lot of time to dream in my life. As a result, there were many jobs I thought of pursuing while I was a young girl. First it was ballerina, then veterinarian, author, teacher or teacher’s assistant, singer…. and finally I’m pursuing journalism. It’s dawned on me, I was always attracted to newspapers, watching news (and I admit not understanding 99 percent of it growing up). I’ve always liked to write, and pass on to people what I hear or read about, in regards to events in town, etc.

Pets I’ve had: I’ve had dogs in my life since I could remember. Except for two years when we had budgies (not at the same time). First was a German Shepard/Collie cross named Prince, then another mixed breed named Boots. Neither dog I remember as I was only 2 to 5 years old when we had either Prince or Boots. Budgies at seven and eight years old, named Tweetie and Eddie. Tweetie flew away, and Eddie sadly died of heat stroke before my eyes. I had just returned from a Girl Guide camp.


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