Equality Going too Far?

Stephen Harper what were you thinking? Considering our economy is still in recovery, and our health care, and education systems are both in dire need of TLC, you decided to focus your attentions on changing our national anthem? Why must I ask? Why? It’s anyone’s guess.

Let’s ponder for a moment, the subject of equality between the sexes. Today is International Women’s Day when women all over this country and beyond are celebrated. Not only for the political, and social struggles of women in history, but celebrated with overall respect for women. As a woman writing this, I admit being on the fence about International Woman’s Day.

I admit women have fought gallantly for the rights they now enjoy, in this country and others. I wonder just how far we have come in being true equals. What exactly is true equality of the two sexes? If we have a day set aside to give attentions on women, where is the International Men’s Day? This is exceedingly unfair to the gentlemen in the world. Just think for a moment. While women have their day, to “stick it to the man” men are sorely jilted in this. Where is the equality in this? Suffice it to say, I do not want to “stick it” to anyone whether man, child or any other sentient being. To me this is showing pure superiority. There is no equality in this.

So with all due respect Mr. Harper, no. This Canadian likes “all thy son’s command” just fine.


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