Past two weeks in Review

I’ve experienced some rather interesting events the past two weeks. For starters, I went to the local gym last weekend wearing shoes that I wouldn’t let an animal wear. There is now a lovely patch of skin missing on my big toe, on my right foot. It is both very painful, and very irksome.

Brian McKeever won not one, but TWO gold medals in Cross Country skiing at the Paralympics. I was also published in the local newspaper for my first time.

As well, I went with my mother and brother to the local Tim Horton’s and was surprised, then slightly hurt when I won a free donut with Roll up the Rim to Win. Surprised because it was my first try in Roll Up, and hurt because I initially was refused my free donut.

The employee stated they could not take the winning cup for hygienic reasons, and I was instructed to tear off where it said I had won. Not the easiest task being that I have weakened wrists and hands from fifteen years of piano lessons where I did not give my wrists proper support.

Having done that, the cup was still not accepted as I had not ripped the “You have won” message completely and correctly.

My immediate reaction was one of “Okay it’s just a donut, no big deal” and I put the cup on the counter to be put in the trash, and I left. However when I got to my brother’s car, and my mother and he heard what had occurred, they took me back into the store and asked for the manager.

The manager, hearing the story, gave me my free donut.  In retrospect, while I do see my brother and mother’s point in the principle of honesty, for me personally it was just a donut and something I could have done without regardless. So for me it’s in the past, and no hard feelings of any kind from me.

Finally this past Wednesday, March 17 I was able to visit CTV Edmonton for my first time. My initial reaction was how big, open and spacious the inside seems. I was very impressed with the facility. I was especially impressed by the efficiency, and accessibility. The people I met were also very professional and personable which I also found nice.

That’s about it, beyond all that I’m still working away in English class. Blog again soon!


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  1. Debra Ward
    Mar 20, 2010 @ 03:02:26

    What an enjoyable post Erin! Sorry to hear about the chafing from the shoes though. Ouch. Very happy to read your post about experiences at that Tim Horton’s. Completely unacceptable behaviour from the employee. Sorry that it happened but I am glad that you did go back in and had the issue resolved. I believe the only way for a company to fix issues is to be made aware of them. Glad to hear that your visit to CTV Edmonton was enjoyable. Yes, it is a very big place.


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