We are Aunts

“Look at you, you’re walking,” “You did it!” Am I a mother? No, I am an aunt. I do not have children of my own, but that does not mean I can not take pleasure in the accomplishments of my sibling’s children. Though they may live hours from me, I delight in hearing about their day, of any new friends, or new experiences they have had. The bond between mother and child is strong. Like an impenetrable length of chain, woven tightly. Yet as an aunt, I can feel a connection too. Might not be as strong, but it is there.

When they learn to ride a bike without training wheels, I am there. When they open Christmas or Birthday presents with over flowing childhood excitement, I am there. When they cry from a skinned knee, I am there. Perhaps not in psychical form, but in spirit. For nothing can alter the fact. I am proud of my role as Aunt Erin. There is a bond there, that will never be shattered. I do not think it is meant to be. I am an aunt, and in it for life.


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