My English class this term has learned about finding symbols and symbolism in different pieces of literature. Today we finished watching the movie Good Will Hunting, and discussed the symbols found in the movie. It occurs to me symbolism can be found in far more than in books, movies, and poetry.

Symbolism can be found in a sunrise, children laughing as they play or a dog eagerly retrieving a frisbee or ball and bringing it back. For myself, I find meaning in things anyone else might not even give a second thought to.

My silver mood ring is a prime example. Most just glance at it, thinking it’s a piece of tin and not worth much. Perhaps, in a way, these people are right. It’s always stuck on the same colour, and it doesn’t have any gold or diamonds to it. Maybe it is nothing but a worthless piece of tin. Yet that is not how I choose to look at it.

This ring is fairly plain in setting, and design. Yet it once belonged to my maternal grandmother, and that in itself bares much weight for me. For all its simplicity, this ring evokes feelings of regret, yet love. Regret because, due to many circumstances, I was not that close with my grandmother. There is love though, because if not for her I may never have grown up knowing the taste of home-made pumpkin pie, or had someone think enough about me to knit me slippers and a blanket. She’s been gone more than ten years now and yet I still miss her. I still remember her. Not always the easiest to understand, but yet I still loved her. I miss her for one simple reason. She was my grandmother.

Rest in peace Grandma, I’ll always wear your ring with pride and remembrance of you.


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