Another Term over

My last final written, I now await the start of next term, May 3rd.  In the meantime, a myriad of thoughts run through my mind.  I’m transferring to the downtown Edmonton NorQuest campus. On one hand I am exalted by my newfound independence, but also nervous and hesitant. I keep on going, striving to do what I need to to have my dreams reach fruition. Yet with this determination and commitment on my part, I can’t help but feel trepidation. Fear of not reaching my goals, of somehow failing to make myself and those I love, proud of me.

Currently I live with my parents but next year will be moving into dormitories for University, and I worry. There is no safety net there for me. Will I be okay? How will I make my way in life, not having parents to fall back on? For the past 24 years my mom has been a rock for me. She has bolstered my courage, and sense of self. While I prepare myself to face the world on my own, I am saddened. As if a part of my innocence, and care free life is being lost. Never to be rediscovered.  Only time will tell how things will turn out in my life.


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