Glad to be a Woman

Ladies, how many times have you found yourself thinking “Men don’t know how easy they have it?”

Recently I’ve caught myself thinking, and outwardly expressing this same idea. Yet it occurs to me, that while women are faced with menstrual cramps, the never-ending challenge of coordinating outfits, shaving their legs and bikini line, there must be daily annoyances men go through just being men.

For example, men must shave every day. I know of some women who can go a week or more, without having to do this task. Women, especially if in a professional career or industry, need to ensure a professional and fashionable appearance. Right down to the nylons, and heels. Yet I wonder, don’t men have the same issue? Wouldn’t they need to ensure their ties match their shirts, and their shoes are polished?

What about the pregnancy situation. Never having gone through it myself, I’ve heard stories from those that have. Labour pains hurt more than life itself, and some women go so far as to curse their husbands for “knocking them up.” Isn’t this in a way, trying for a man? Especially that of a spouse, or otherwise “better half?”  Men who love their girlfriends, fiancées or wives. How much does it hurt them, seeing the women they love in pain and all for the miracle of bringing a new life into the world.

That brings up yet another point. Women have the option, to cry openly. Showing basic emotion is seemingly easy for a woman, but not so much for a man. There is still an ages old idea, manly men do not cry. Manly men must keep strong and not let any emotions show. So in closing, women and men have things just as bad, if one really stops to think about it.

*With input from Brent Welch. Thank you.


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