People’s Hearts go out to Young Boy

In the past week I have followed the story of a young Edmonton boy in need. Born with Cystic hygroma, Maddox Flynn had cysts on the left side of his face. Unable to find treatment for their son’s rare lymphatic disorder in their home country Canada, they looked to a doctor in New York City, who has helped other children with conditions similar to their son’s. To pay for the cost of surgery a trust fund was created for Maddox. In the course of a week, people from Canada, the United States, and other countries donated a total exceeding 10,000 dollars. The cost of surgery was 50,000 dollars.

Maddox has since received his much-needed surgery, and is due for a second surgery in July. The second surgery was originally due to be in September. Recovering still, young Maddox has been released from hospital. His family is said to be taking a few days of sight-seeing in the Big Apple, before returning home to Canada. We wish Maddox, and his family, well as they continue on their medical journey. For medical journeys not only affect the patient, but that of their family as well.

As heard and read on CTV Edmonton, and their blog, Innertube . Also as read in the Edmonton Journal. Also as seen on Global Edmonton.


Generosity and Kindness Exist, Continuing Story

So to continue the story, written in my earlier blog. Fast forward to January 2010.  Working online one day, with my Facebook logged in in the background, I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine, and fellow Celtic Woman fan. He wanted to let me know Celtic Woman was planning on coming to Edmonton, Alberta in the spring for their next tour “Songs from the Heart.” Also asking, would I mind if he bought tickets for my mother and me to attend. My first reaction was of course to thank him, for letting me know Celtic Woman was coming to perform close to where I live. Also to turn his offer down. While yes, I had waited three years to see one of my favourite groups live on stage, I did not feel comfortable receiving special treatment for this. I felt, if he bought my mother and myself tickets, that would then be special treatment. Yet in  the following weeks, and months a group of friends gently persisted in their offering to treat my mother and me to the concert. Finally, my mother discovered what was going on and she joined in their collective efforts. So what else is a girl to do, when even her mother is “encouraging” her to do something? I finally relented.

My friends did not waste any time. When I messaged one of them on Facebook, allowing them to pay for tickets for my mother and me, I received a message the next day informing me the tickets had been purchased, and I was to receive a voucher for them in a few weeks’ time. Within weeks, I had them and sent word I had them, thanking my friends. I’ve now experienced my first Celtic Woman, and a week later I am still filled with memories of that night. The lights, the beautiful dresses and above all music. Still not sure thank you will ever be enough.

Kindness and Generosity Exist

The year was 2007. I had come home one evening after bidding a final farewell to my paternal grandmother, and was in a dejected sad mood. On goes the television, not knowing my life would change from that simple act of TV watching. What caught my attention was one of the most angelic sounds I had ever heard. A music group was on with, what I would learn later on, was their latest PBS special “A New Journey.”

Having been raised with an eclectic taste in music, including Irish music I became enthralled in their performance of each song. The simple act of watching their performance on television that night, listening to the melodic and beautiful music, helped bring me peace that night. At the time, I thought it was only a simple PBS special; a one time deal, never to come up again. Yet I would learn weeks later how wrong I was.

Working on my computer late one night, I found my mind wandering to the music I had heard weeks before. One song in particular, and yet I could not place a name to the song playing in my mind. Turning to YouTube, I searched through multiple videos and came to a song entitled Mo Ghile Mear, which in English translates to My Gallant Darling. Instantly I knew, that was the song going through my head. Upon reading the user comments I discovered the name of the group. Their name was Celtic Woman.

Instantly I went to google, to research them. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. One search result in particular caught my attention, which directed me to a fan forum that had been made for the group’s fan base. I didn’t have to think twice, before registering an account.  It took only a few moments and I found myself creating my first post, introducing myself. To make a long story short, in the  months after I joined what I now call “The Celtic Woman forum” (although it is under unofficial status), I found myself chatting with other fans, and building friendships. Friendships that have lasted to this day, a little over three years later. A group of those friends, in fact, recently went over and beyond the call of friendship and I will forever be grateful to each of them for their unending kindness, patience and above all, their friendship.

Yet, I fear this blog entry is already longer than anticipated, so will save that story for my next blog entry. Which I am hoping to have time to write tomorrow, amidst homework and other commitments.

Bowl for Children

So much happened last night, it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll begin at the start of the day.  To start off with I had school, with a 6 am wake up. Class was pretty uneventful, all we did was mark homework assigned from the previous week. Then I spent the rest of the time on campus relaxing in the cafe or being on the computer in the library. Once three pm came, my friend Debra came so we could drive over to West Edmonton Mall together. Here I’d like to say, what a great lady she is! From there we walked into Ed’s, where the Bowl for Children event would be taking place later that night and seeing as we were early, we decided to go to the mall’s Bourbon Street and I was treated to ice cream. I still feel spoiled!

Walking back towards Ed’s we stopped to watch some lemurs in an enclosure, leaping from branch to branch. They were so cute!!

Skip to the Bowl for Children. I must make special mention to Sonia Sunger of CTV Edmonton, for asking me to bowl with her in the beginning first roll of the ball. It never ceases to amaze me, how one simple gesture can leave a person feeling special. Then the bowling was officially underway. I don’t know how but in the course of my team’s game, I bowled a strike. (Never have before, except in Wii Sports). I don’t remember the end score, but I do remember the fantastic time I had, the wonderful people I had the honour of meeting (J’lyn Nye, Gary James, Derek Allen, Daryl McIntyre, Dez Melenka, Erin Isfeld, and the list goes on). Not to be left out, my friend Melissa was able to meet some local TV and radio personalities as well, and my other two team mates and friends Justin and Debra. I now own a Joe Fm t-shirt, and as I type this blog entry I am proudly wearing it. It is replete with many autographs.

To finish a wonderful evening off, myself and Melissa got our pictures taken with Shannon Szabados and her beautiful, but heavy, Olympic gold medal. I then had a gold medal placed around my neck (nervous face anyone!?), and another photo was taken.

All in all it was a wonderful evening. Met my friend Debra face to face, Melissa and Justin had fun. I had fun. And I love my new diamond earrings; I won at the end of the night!

End of Day One

Well yesterday was my first day attending college in Edmonton. I survived. I wrote something for my blog yesterday, but wasn’t able to get around to typing it. (Okay, I was lazy after my first class).  I wanted to express in writing, my observations of college at a bigger campus.

The first thing I noticed, was the mix of cultures represented. Just looking around there are people of European heritage, African, East Indian, and others. With that was the beautiful melodic sound of different languages all being spoken at once, encompassing and enriching those that stop to listen to the sound of them.

Everyone has their own personal tastes in fashion. Culture there again, in the hijab, turbans, dreadlocks, crosses and crosses of David. Having always had an appreciation for diversity, I am certain to learn a lot here. Not only about Hamlet, short stories, and poetry. Also of deepening my understanding and respect, for all religions, cultures and walks of life.