End of Day One

Well yesterday was my first day attending college in Edmonton. I survived. I wrote something for my blog yesterday, but wasn’t able to get around to typing it. (Okay, I was lazy after my first class).  I wanted to express in writing, my observations of college at a bigger campus.

The first thing I noticed, was the mix of cultures represented. Just looking around there are people of European heritage, African, East Indian, and others. With that was the beautiful melodic sound of different languages all being spoken at once, encompassing and enriching those that stop to listen to the sound of them.

Everyone has their own personal tastes in fashion. Culture there again, in the hijab, turbans, dreadlocks, crosses and crosses of David. Having always had an appreciation for diversity, I am certain to learn a lot here. Not only about Hamlet, short stories, and poetry. Also of deepening my understanding and respect, for all religions, cultures and walks of life.


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