Bowl for Children

So much happened last night, it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll begin at the start of the day.  To start off with I had school, with a 6 am wake up. Class was pretty uneventful, all we did was mark homework assigned from the previous week. Then I spent the rest of the time on campus relaxing in the cafe or being on the computer in the library. Once three pm came, my friend Debra came so we could drive over to West Edmonton Mall together. Here I’d like to say, what a great lady she is! From there we walked into Ed’s, where the Bowl for Children event would be taking place later that night and seeing as we were early, we decided to go to the mall’s Bourbon Street and I was treated to ice cream. I still feel spoiled!

Walking back towards Ed’s we stopped to watch some lemurs in an enclosure, leaping from branch to branch. They were so cute!!

Skip to the Bowl for Children. I must make special mention to Sonia Sunger of CTV Edmonton, for asking me to bowl with her in the beginning first roll of the ball. It never ceases to amaze me, how one simple gesture can leave a person feeling special. Then the bowling was officially underway. I don’t know how but in the course of my team’s game, I bowled a strike. (Never have before, except in Wii Sports). I don’t remember the end score, but I do remember the fantastic time I had, the wonderful people I had the honour of meeting (J’lyn Nye, Gary James, Derek Allen, Daryl McIntyre, Dez Melenka, Erin Isfeld, and the list goes on). Not to be left out, my friend Melissa was able to meet some local TV and radio personalities as well, and my other two team mates and friends Justin and Debra. I now own a Joe Fm t-shirt, and as I type this blog entry I am proudly wearing it. It is replete with many autographs.

To finish a wonderful evening off, myself and Melissa got our pictures taken with Shannon Szabados and her beautiful, but heavy, Olympic gold medal. I then had a gold medal placed around my neck (nervous face anyone!?), and another photo was taken.

All in all it was a wonderful evening. Met my friend Debra face to face, Melissa and Justin had fun. I had fun. And I love my new diamond earrings; I won at the end of the night!


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