Kindness and Generosity Exist

The year was 2007. I had come home one evening after bidding a final farewell to my paternal grandmother, and was in a dejected sad mood. On goes the television, not knowing my life would change from that simple act of TV watching. What caught my attention was one of the most angelic sounds I had ever heard. A music group was on with, what I would learn later on, was their latest PBS special “A New Journey.”

Having been raised with an eclectic taste in music, including Irish music I became enthralled in their performance of each song. The simple act of watching their performance on television that night, listening to the melodic and beautiful music, helped bring me peace that night. At the time, I thought it was only a simple PBS special; a one time deal, never to come up again. Yet I would learn weeks later how wrong I was.

Working on my computer late one night, I found my mind wandering to the music I had heard weeks before. One song in particular, and yet I could not place a name to the song playing in my mind. Turning to YouTube, I searched through multiple videos and came to a song entitled Mo Ghile Mear, which in English translates to My Gallant Darling. Instantly I knew, that was the song going through my head. Upon reading the user comments I discovered the name of the group. Their name was Celtic Woman.

Instantly I went to google, to research them. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. One search result in particular caught my attention, which directed me to a fan forum that had been made for the group’s fan base. I didn’t have to think twice, before registering an account.  It took only a few moments and I found myself creating my first post, introducing myself. To make a long story short, in the  months after I joined what I now call “The Celtic Woman forum” (although it is under unofficial status), I found myself chatting with other fans, and building friendships. Friendships that have lasted to this day, a little over three years later. A group of those friends, in fact, recently went over and beyond the call of friendship and I will forever be grateful to each of them for their unending kindness, patience and above all, their friendship.

Yet, I fear this blog entry is already longer than anticipated, so will save that story for my next blog entry. Which I am hoping to have time to write tomorrow, amidst homework and other commitments.


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