Generosity and Kindness Exist, Continuing Story

So to continue the story, written in my earlier blog. Fast forward to January 2010.  Working online one day, with my Facebook logged in in the background, I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine, and fellow Celtic Woman fan. He wanted to let me know Celtic Woman was planning on coming to Edmonton, Alberta in the spring for their next tour “Songs from the Heart.” Also asking, would I mind if he bought tickets for my mother and me to attend. My first reaction was of course to thank him, for letting me know Celtic Woman was coming to perform close to where I live. Also to turn his offer down. While yes, I had waited three years to see one of my favourite groups live on stage, I did not feel comfortable receiving special treatment for this. I felt, if he bought my mother and myself tickets, that would then be special treatment. Yet in  the following weeks, and months a group of friends gently persisted in their offering to treat my mother and me to the concert. Finally, my mother discovered what was going on and she joined in their collective efforts. So what else is a girl to do, when even her mother is “encouraging” her to do something? I finally relented.

My friends did not waste any time. When I messaged one of them on Facebook, allowing them to pay for tickets for my mother and me, I received a message the next day informing me the tickets had been purchased, and I was to receive a voucher for them in a few weeks’ time. Within weeks, I had them and sent word I had them, thanking my friends. I’ve now experienced my first Celtic Woman, and a week later I am still filled with memories of that night. The lights, the beautiful dresses and above all music. Still not sure thank you will ever be enough.


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