People’s Hearts go out to Young Boy

In the past week I have followed the story of a young Edmonton boy in need. Born with Cystic hygroma, Maddox Flynn had cysts on the left side of his face. Unable to find treatment for their son’s rare lymphatic disorder in their home country Canada, they looked to a doctor in New York City, who has helped other children with conditions similar to their son’s. To pay for the cost of surgery a trust fund was created for Maddox. In the course of a week, people from Canada, the United States, and other countries donated a total exceeding 10,000 dollars. The cost of surgery was 50,000 dollars.

Maddox has since received his much-needed surgery, and is due for a second surgery in July. The second surgery was originally due to be in September. Recovering still, young Maddox has been released from hospital. His family is said to be taking a few days of sight-seeing in the Big Apple, before returning home to Canada. We wish Maddox, and his family, well as they continue on their medical journey. For medical journeys not only affect the patient, but that of their family as well.

As heard and read on CTV Edmonton, and their blog, Innertube . Also as read in the Edmonton Journal. Also as seen on Global Edmonton.


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