Too old?

At what point, in a person’s life are they told old for various past times, such as watching cartoons or buy ice cream treats from ice cream trucks? Some might say you’re never too old. They would tell you, there’s a little piece of child in each of us, no matter our chronological age.  Yet still others argue, there must come a time when teddies must be put away, no more hopscotch can be played and we must turn our attentions to more adult matters. Matters such as learning to budget our money, which political candidates to support, and when is a good time to start a family, career, or both.   No longer is it proper, to fall asleep hugging your favourite teddy bear close.

I wonder however, if there cannot be a happy medium. Of course not every grown woman is going to play with dolls anymore, but in the right context doing so should not be seen as inappropriate. In the end, would we really be hurting anyone?  I say, most likely not. Then there is the concept of watching cartoons well into adult years. I fully admit to watching cartoons. Let’s face it, I find some documentaries to be rather tiresome, long and boring. Zoboomafoo teaches about different animals in the wild, and in a fun interactive format that I enjoy. Then there is Dora the Explorer and Diego. Both are good ways to learn introductory Spanish.

So whether you think you’re too old, not old enough, or truly really don’t care, enjoy what you like. Again, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, then what’s the harm? Go on and snuggle the fuzzy teddy bear of yours tonight, I dare you.


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