Battle of the Western Worlds

The Heart of the New West or City of Champions? You be the judge. For many years, even before organized sports in Alberta, there has been a rivalry. Edmonton or Calgary, Cow Town or E-Town? As a long time resident of a town outside of Edmonton, you would think my loyalty would be to Edmonton. It’s only logical, right? You’d be surprised to know, I have split loyalties to both of these beautiful cities.

Yes I’ve been called a traitor for this. I’ve been called pretty much everything you could call such a person. Though I implore you to keep reading, and discover for yourself why my heart is forever torn between two rivaling cities. I love both Calgary and Edmonton.

I grew up a small town girl. Wasn’t often I’d venture any further than school and home. Certainly, the only times I went into the city is when I needed to for one reason or another. There were occasions when I did visit the two cities I’ve come to love and admire.

My first concert, in summer of 1998 was held in Edmonton, at was then called Skyreach Centre. Though I’ve also attended a concert in Calgary at the Pengrowth Saddledome. Both concerts I enjoyed thoroughly.

Edmonton is home to Galaxyland, an indoor amusement park. Calgary has, in my opinion, a better zoo. There was the Twin Drive in, in Edmonton, when I was a little girl. Calgary had and still has, Peter’s Drive-in.

Then we get into the more sentimental aspect, of why I am forever torn between these rivaling cities. Family. I have family in Calgary, including a young nephew who though I don’t get to see him often, I think of him every day. Family means the world to me.

This is of course, the pivotal reasoning behind my never rooting exclusively for either the Calgary Flames, or the Edmonton Oilers. I just can’t in good conscience root for either, without thinking I’m being disloyal to a family member.

So whether you are pro Edmonton or pro Calgary, what is written in this blog entry, is why I declare neutrality. I love both cities.


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