Right to Body, Right to Live?

It’s been spoken of before. Individual views on abortion span an entire spectrum;  people for abortion while others are strongly opposed. Where do you stand? Religious beliefs, social standing, even personal affluence plays an integral role in where a person stands on this issue. There is also one influence, which in my experience is not really spoken of. If a pregnant woman is informed her baby will have a handicap, abortion sometimes could be contemplated. This is a harsh, sad reality of life.

Also, I’ve heard stories in the past of doctors encouraging D&C’s if a handicap or other abnormality appears on an ultrasound. Taking away someone’s chance to experience life outside the womb, simply because they will be born with a handicap. In some instances, could it be predicted just how severe these unborn children’s handicap will be? Perhaps in some cases yes. People are still taken a chance here. Even the best, most educated and successful doctors can be wrong. Is it right to deny life to someone based on ability or deformity? I say no.

There are still people who believe those who live with disabilities are better off in institutions, and being sterilized. In both instances, I wonder about basic human rights. The right to live, the right to choose. The right to be who we are. As a person with a disability myself I will admit life is not easy. Trying to put myself in the mindset of a mother to be though, I couldn’t fathom having an abortion. There is a chance I could pass on my condition to any children I might have. Though even with that knowledge, I would still not have an abortion. As per my beliefs, and the realization  Spina Bifida affects people differently. Who knows, I could have a perfectly healthy child someday. I could also have a child who needs 24 hour medical care. Would I love that child any less? No. Yes times would be tough, but in my eyes every child deserves to experience life.

So if a doctor were to ask me about abortion, I’d clearly state no, it’s not for me.

Click the link below, for more information on the practice of doctors aborting due to handicap or abnormality.                             http://stirthis.blogspot.com/2007/12/aborting-severely-handicapped-fetuses.html


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  1. Taylor
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 13:23:41

    Here’s the thing, as far as knowledge of handicaps go… You can’t typically know the extent of the “damage,” if you will. There have been many cases, or miracles perhaps, where babies have pulled through to completely healthy lifestyles. A woman having 5 babies, quints as they’re known to medical profs, may chose to abort only 2 to ensure health of the other 3. How would you pick? How would you know one would not cure all cancers one day, solve world hunger, or even save one persons life. By ending one you could be ending many. There’s a plan for every child. One would not become pregnant if it weren’t meant to be. This is becoming spiritual, but then again it isn’t. Bodies will naturally reject pregnancies if they’re are TRULY not supposed to happen. Now where I was going with this… Quints WILL be born with defects. Collapsing lungs, tiny atriums only millimeters big, organs in a sac outside their bodies… Does this mean they aren’t worth being born? No, it means they need some extra love and care, as would any other baby being born with an issue, be it anything from spina bifida to down syndrome.

    They’re people too. Killing them isn’t the answer.


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