Journalists – Humans Too

Recently I’ve seen a story on the news about a local Edmonton boy, who tragically lost members of his family after a traffic collision. First, I’d like to extend condolences to this boy. It’s a terrible thing to lose those we love.

The recentness of this brings about the point for this blog entry. I’ve read commentary online about this. Some feel the media should not have interviewed this boy, and certainly not so soon after this tragedy. The same people have called the local media cruel and thoughtless. First I’d like to be upfront and honest with anyone who reads this; I am an aspiring journalist. My loyalty in this situation is to the media.

I have to wonder, who had asked for this interview? Was it media seeking the interview, or did someone request the interview? I know from personal experience, at least one local news station will grant an interview if they can. Regardless, as professionals I am sure those who conducted these interviews did so in a sensitive and respectful manner. I believe there was thought put into whether or not to show the interviews, on the respective newscasts. This has been explained by CTV Edmonton, on their website’s blog InnerTube.

So maybe people think the media goes too far, at times. Though, I doubt everyone shares that opinion. They journalists involved were, in my mind, simply trying their best to do their jobs and do so honestly, respectfully, and be sensitive to all this child has been through.


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