Media Pressure Trumps All

A young boy with Muscular Dystrophy had his wheel chair damaged by Air Canada this past week. A 15, 000 dollar wheelchair ruined beyond repair, leaving Tanner Bawn confined to bed. It appears that until the media stepped in, nothing was being done that could adequately remedy the situation. To make matters worse, Tanner Bawn is in poor health. One of Tanner’s last wishes was to see the Tutus for Tanner event in New York, that was to raise money for him.

Only ten years old, only a year to live and being confined to a hotel room bed. To hear of his devastation, fear and frustration on the news, I became frustrated. I am not limited to a wheelchair to get around, but I do know what it’s like to be confined to home. Medical issues I deal with on an ongoing basis make sure of that.

So it was no surprise to me whatsoever, when I heard Air Canada finally getting the custom wheelchair repaired, thanks to media stepping in to add just a bit of exposure on the situation. Media exposure can often times equal pressure! Pressure by companies to do the honest thing, not pussy foot their way around a problem they’ve created. It’s sad though, media has to repeatedly do this. Where is the professionalism, honesty and above all integrity that once governed how business was done? Sadly, I have to question if it’s doomed to slip away to nothing.

Though the end result is a positive one. A young boy got his wheelchair fixed, and is now free to leave the confines of that hotel bed to see his wish come true.


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