TV Influence you Might not Think About

Let’s face it; television has long since influenced our lives. What’s more, it’s the people on television that can be the most influential at times. Not just the actors, and actresses but also the characters they portray. There’s one TV influence, some might not even think about. TV journalists can be influential too. It is the journalist’s job to let the public know what is going on, in the world. This reporting of news, can cause a ripple effect. If there is a criminal on the loose, people will tend to become vigilant when they are out. When weather conditions are right for a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or other storm meteorologists alert the public to this possibility.

(Note: Meteorologists do not issue the warnings and watches, for storms and other weather phenomena. Only Environment Canada can officially issue these).  This can also influence people, by possible change of travel plans, or seeking shelter if a storm is imminent.

There is also one influence, I find in TV news journalists. In what was once a male dominated career, I am proud to see women are rightfully taking their places in the journalism world. An example of this, being Lisa LaFlamme, who has been chosen to replace Lloyd Robertson on CTV National, next year when he retires. Likewise, Dawna Friesen will replace Kevin Newman on Global National later this year. What positive female role models these two women are, for young girls everywhere? Their new positions send the message, that anything is possible and gender has little or nothing to do with if you’ll get the job. What matters now is skill, talent and experience all of which Lisa LaFlamme and Dawna Friesen have proven over the course of their careers.

It doesn’t stop and end with news anchors either. Now first, before I go any further I must pay tribute to the weatherman I grew up watching. Bill Matheson was and still is very much a legend. He is sadly missed and I glad to have the memories of watching his antics, and listening to his jokes on TV. Yet his immediate successor was a woman. I’m not trying to say, look up to these people solely based on their gender. Claire Martin (Bill Matheson’s successor) is a good meteorologist in her own right.  Kristi Gordon, formerly of CityTV, is now a meteorologist with the Weather Channel.

Women in the “big chair” now, establishing themselves in the coveted positions that were at one time unfathomable to a woman. Now that’s what I call influential!


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