Interesting Movie Gives Interesting Idea

I must be living under some sort of rock. I’ve only just now seen the “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” movie, which as far as I know, was a precursor to the TV show of the same title. I enjoyed watching the movie. Of course though, it made me wonder.

What would it be like, to have magical powers? To be able to have anything, or do anything, I wanted? Well except for casting spells to make guys fall in love with me! All kidding aside though and in all honesty what would your first act be, if you suddenly found yourself possessing magical powers? I’m not so sure I could decide.

Perhaps, if I had the power to do anything, I would cast a spell for world peace. Maybe, I could create a potion to make sure there is no more oil in the Gulf of Mexico waters. Though, what I really want is what I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts. I just want to go to school, and become a journalist. Make that, I want to become a kick ass journalist, who does the job and does it with skill, talent and pride.

If I had the power to do whatever I want, or have whatever I wanted though:

All I’d simply want is what I can only get through hard work, and perseverance. I’d want respect from others, and to be accepted. Luckily I have found that in the past year or so, and for that I’m grateful. So what would I want if I could have anything?

I’d want a small apartment, a career as a journalist and above all; a family to love, who loves me back.


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