Nothing Final about Finals

Well that’s it, my last English class was today. The reality of what I’ve set out to do, and what I’ve accomplished thus far, is beginning to set in. I’m one step closer to my goal (nay, my DREAM) of being a journalist. While I don’t feel comfortable sharing specifics about my main goal, I will say one thing. I have been watching news since I was young. I have also read newspapers almost as long.

In the long run, I would be thrilled to end up in broadcasting. Though initially, I hope to enter into print journalism (i.e. a newspaper, or small local publication). I’ve heard many a time future journalists have to be willing to travel. Well, I’m more than willing but at the moment not quite able. First I need to have Epilepsy officially ruled out as a cause for my seizures, and then I need to apply for a passport. Of course, there is also the concern about finances. I’ll be taking next year off, to hopefully find a job so I can better save up for University. Also, I am in the preliminary stages of planning for my first trip to my nation’s capital, Ottawa.

Now though, as I draw closer to my dream, I find myself thinking. When I go off to live in Edmonton, it will be my first time on my own in the city. I’ve grown up hearing the sounds of coyotes howling as I fall asleep, and now as a young woman I find it somehow soothing. I wonder if I’ll ever hear that same peaceful sound of wilderness, amidst the sirens and seemingly constant traffic? Also, it might sound corny to some, but I will truly miss my dog. Shadow has been my friend and protector for nearly sixteen years now. Perhaps it’s melodramatic of me, but I wonder if he will miss me, when I’m no longer there?

There’s a simplicity and safety net living in a town. On occasion I have found myself to have forgotten my purse outside my home, while I’ve been out. Each time, it has been right where I left it, having been left untouched. I know I will never be able to do that living in Edmonton.

So while I am getting excited  to take that next big step (applying to University), there are things that I’ll miss.


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