From Questionable Ethics to Illegal Smuggling

So my previous blog post was about questionable ethics displayed by a local organization. This blog post will be about the recent kerfuffle in British Columbia waters with Sri Lankan refugees coming into Canada illegally. It’s suspected that at least some of these refugees are terrorists from the group known as Tamil Tigers.  The question is being asked now, what to do with these people?

Do we feed and clothe them, and then allow them to remain in Canada?  Quite possibly this group of refugees, if given the chance, will apply for asylum within Canada. Should we allow them this privilege, or send them back from where they came?

I will not try to trivialize the troubles in Sri Lanka. The country’s Civil War alone went on for nearly thirty years. The effects of that war are still felt in Sri Lanka today. However be that as it may, with regards to the Sri Refugee immigrants coming into Canada illegally, the question remains. What do we do with these people? I say make sure they are healthy (it’s only humane, after all this is Canada) and once given a clean bill of health, ship them all back to Sri Lanka.

According to the Immigration Overview provided on the Government of Canada website  ( ) there was a total of 252,124 immigrants in 2009 that became permanent residents. These people surely went about entering Canada the correct way – the legal way. That number includes those who applied for asylum for one reason or another.

Maybe I am coming across as too harsh; so be it. I know there are people in the world being persecuted just for being who they are. There are innocent people who are under siege of archaic and barbaric laws, in their motherland. Canada has problems all its own however, and I dislike people thinking they can waltz right into my home country and be taken care of. We have homeless citizens, veterans of our own wars, and others who need looking after first. They should be Canada’s top priority; not some unknown group of foreigners who don’t even have the decency to gain entry in the proper (and legal!) way.

So what do you think? Should they be sent packing, or should Canada carry on it’s reputation of being “soft” on immigrants?


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