Local Girl Says Yes to New Sports Complex

Do we really need a new arena? One local girl says yes. Built in 1974, what we now know as Rexall Place is a tired and ageing building. Sure it’s not crumbling to the ground, but it has seen better days.

For one the accessibility leaves much to be desired. Perhaps the construction of a new sports complex would rectify this? There are other “issues” I can think of with Rexall Place. The recent survey results stating Rexall Place is the 10th most disgusting arena for food preparation infractions, is not far from the truth. In fact, many have stated it is the truth! It’s also been stated, a new arena would attract more big name performers to Edmonton. So with all these advantages to a news sports arena, why hasn’t construction started yet? The answer is debatable but I seem to wonder if it’s not because of the Katz group pussyfooting around. From what I know of the debate (and yes I did research on this), the Katz group took their time coming forward to City council with their proposal. Let’s excuse Daryl Katz for not bothering to face the cameras for so long. Maybe the man is camera-shy?

All I know is what I’ve read heard on the news, and what I think. I think maybe it is time to get a new arena. If it could attract more big name performances, to our city, that would undoubtedly mean more money coming in to the city. Also as stated before Rexall Place’s accessibility is atrocious. I’m able to walk without much assistance, but what of people who cannot? A new arena would surely have ramps, or elevators, or both.

It’s a tough decision, to build a new sports arena, and I’m glad the responsibility of that decision doesn’t rest with me. I will let City Council decide. Though for me, I say build it – who knows who will come!  What do you think? Add your voice to the debate!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Neal Gray
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 13:42:45

    A new arena won’t attract any new or extra big name performances to Edmonton. Virtually every touring group that bothers with Canadian dates already comes through our town. The fact that the current building is one of the busiest venues in the country is a testament to that.

    And I wouldn’t bet on better accessibility or cleaner food prep in a new facility. Neither of those things are specific goals as laid out by Katz and crew. All they want a new arena for is to have far more corporate box seats, as that fattens their bottom line. They aren’t even proposing a building much bigger than Rexall… total seating capacity is expected to change by less than 2000 seats in their proposal.

    Think of the huge cost to the city to build a new LRT line to where Katz wants this thing to go. Building that LRT should be the City’s total share of the project, we shouldn’t also be paying for most of a new building he will gain all the profit from. My two cents.


    • erindespas
      Aug 22, 2010 @ 13:48:06

      Thank you Neal for your very nicely put comment. It’s truly cliche but only time will tell, what Council decides. I’m not a city of Edmonton
      resident currently, so I don’t really feel it’s my place to comment on how this sports complex will be paid for. Though in the long run …
      Anything is possible right? In the future someday, a new LRT line might just prove a great service to the community. Thank you again. 🙂


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