Three Kilometre Walk, Dinner and a Stagette!

What an activity-filled day yesterday was! Woke up at 6:55, took about an hour to get ready and out we were; off to spend the day in the City of Champions. First stop was Rundle Park where my mother and I walked in the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus of Northern Alberta’s (SBHANA) walk/run/wheel. I will admit, I am a far cry from physically active. So perhaps it wasn’t the smartest idea to walk approximately 3 km without having done any training or whatnot, leading up to yesterday’s run/walk/wheel. Okay, it was probably the dumbest decision I’ve ever made. The encouragement of friends and acquaintances is what kept me going. I’ve been told “don’t do things for others, do things for you” – Well I consider what I did yesterday, doing so for myself BUT it does help having the support of people to keep me motivated right? I’m sure that’d be true for anyone. I digress however.

Close to the end (metres from the Finish) my mother and I came across the President of the SBHANA and her young child. At that point, I literally collapsed onto the grass as the pain in my leg was unbearable. I dislike others seeing me cry though, especially children. So I tried to sit up and just take a rest. Soon I was back on my feet, but use of a wheelchair was offered to me, and I accepted. Though I tried to start walking again, while waiting for a spare wheelchair to brought over. As it turns out, I soon was collapsing again, and by this time a volunteer came over and made the same offer. However what came was a golf cart, but I did not care. To me it was a relieve getting off my legs. After that we went over to the barbecue that they were having for all participants. Devouring a hamburger, I then hobbled over to the car with my mom and we were off to a bridal shower she had been invited to.

First I will say, I love having a built-in GPS on my Blackberry! When we arrived the party was in full swing. I quickly found a chair and set about relaxing. From there it was announced dinner reservations were made. This is where it gets interesting.

My mother and I hadn’t expected going out to a fancy restaurant so quickly went shopping before dinner. I picked a new blouse while my mother got a black top, pants to match and “strappy heels.” From there she decided she needed a new purse, so we made another quick stop (I remained in the car for this one!). Let’s fast forward to dinner now.

Allegro’s Italian Kitchen is a very classy restaurant. Complete with a grand piano and in-house classical pianist, the atmosphere was very intimate and relaxing. However the party was far from over! What was only a few hours ago a bridal shower, soon turned into a stagette! The party was replete with a large pink penis, that all the guests wrote messages to the bride to be. After dinner we walked the two blocks to the hotel room that had been booked. In the room we were met with a blow up “man” with a rather long you know what. Adult jokes abounded as we cut the cake, which had a hole made in the centre for the chocolate (you can guess what), that the bride to be was given.

Now not intending to be a party-pooper, the plan was to go out drinking after the cake. I unfortunately was without my I.D, so knew I would not be able to get in. I was proven right! So after a quick phone call by the bride-to-be’s mother (who also was heading home) we soon found ourselves being given a ride back to where our car was at Allegro’s. From there we just went home, and I went to bed a very exhausted and sore young woman. I will remember last night for a long, long time!


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