That’s the Kind of Day it’s Been…

Those words are etched into the memories of anyone who watches CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson.  Growing up I always remember hearing “that’s the weather for this evening, Good evening!” from then meteorologist Bill Matheson.  News anchors, and meteorologists alike, have what they call “sign offs.”  Sign-offs are a way of ending a newscast on a positive note.

This past Friday, when Kevin Newman anchored his last newscast with Global National he provided a very eloquent explanation behind his sign off. For the past nine years, he could be heard expressing the sentiment “Thank you for sharing your time with us.”  His reasoning behind his sign off is thus; Canadians are known for their manners, and people are usually busy around the supper hour so he wanted to express gratitude to those who took the time to tune in and listen to the Global National.

It makes me wonder though. I know not all TV news personalities need a sign off, and the mass majority don’t. Typically I’ve really only heard sign offs uttered by anchors of national newscasts, such as Mr. Robertson and Mr. Newman. There was, as stated above, a weatherman who had a sign off for his weather forecasts and he was on a local newscast. Even today local news anchor, Shaye Ganam says “Peace and Love” to end each newscast, although he really only says it on Fridays now.

Makes me wonder, why don’t more news anchors, meteorologists and even sports casters have their own particular way to end a newscast? Quite possibly they’re minds are on the task at hand; reporting the news and ensuring they’re at the top of their game. Still, sign offs will still be used.

Wonder, if I were a news broadcaster, what would mine be? “Thank you and good night” has already been used. Maybe “See you on the flip side” or “Take care until next we meet”

Either way, I say thank you for reading this and have a wonderful rest of your day.  🙂  Stay classy Edmonton!

Thank you to Lloyd Robertson and Shaye Ganam for allowing me to mention them in this blog post.


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