I is Snart

I go to school to talk gooder. Okay who really talks like that? Better yet, who writes like that? Far too many it seems.

As I attended classes the last several months, I was appalled to learn how many people seem to be employing this form of “Good English” Although the majority of this epidemic I witnessed went on outside the classroom. So what is causing people to “dumb down” their English skills? I believe the culprit to be Social Networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the list goes on.

Social Networking is not to blame entirely, however. There of course are others factors such as maturity level, age, and level of understanding of English skills. Immigration could potentially play a role in this as well.

Let’s focus on the Social Networking side of this. Twitter’s character limit of only 140, makes it next to impossible at times to write complete thoughts. In order to convey messages there, one must utilize internet slang. Use of proper grammar must be thrown to the wayside as well. That means less commas, periods and farewell to the all-important apostrophe.

Beyond that though, social networking websites have turned educated young people, into language slobs. Instead of the traditional “How are you today?”  We now see “Wassup?” or worse. So why is this? Why are today’s youth becoming so sloppy in their everyday use of the English language? My answer is simple; sheer laziness with excuses.

The mindset now is “Internet lingo is faster.” I ponder at this however, especially when the topic of text messaging comes up.  When I text, I try to always include proper capitalization, comma usage (although still have not mastered this), and spelling. My friends on the other hand will write ‘Sup? and Laterz, as well as other commonly used “lingo” like this. Maybe I am harsh towards Social Networking, but it’s definitely not helping. I am no innocent either, and have used expression such as “Wtf” and “Lol” and use them more than I probably should. Such is the affliction with Social Networking sites, and other areas of the Internet such as Instant Messengers. The Internet is making more people lazy writers. Will you fall prey to this? Do you already? Let me know what you think.


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