90 Facts About Me

1. I have Spina Bifida

2. I have Hydrocephalus (layman’s term is water on the brain)

3. I also have Chiari Malformation, but admittedly know very little about this.

4. I love to sing, regardless if I have a good voice or not.

5. I love to read.

6. I love to write.

7. I’ve been published in newspapers at least twice now, and love the confidence boost.

8. I’m in college.

9. I’m hoping to be in University next year, for the Fall semester. (If my application is accepted).

10. I love languages, and speak bits and pieces of a couple languages.

11. I love to dress up, though I dislike make up.

12. I do wear make up on occasion though, as it’ll prove to be a necessary evil to the career field I’m aspiring to.

13. I love most types of music, from the Gayatri Mantra to Beautiful People, to Jump Jive and Wail to I’ll Fly Away, and more.

14. I have almost always had a pet in my life. Mainly dogs, but guppies and budgies too (not at the same time).

15. I’ve known my best friend for around 13 or so years.

16. I once wanted to teach, but then realized while I do still love kids …. on an ongoing basis, I just wouldn’t have the patience.

17. I am single.

18. I can’t drive for medical reasons, but I do have my motorized scooter for short excursions.

19. I still like stuffed animals.

20. I can look at large sized dogs in photos, and video and that’s fine but I tense up the moment a large sized breed (Rottweiler, Boxer, etc) comes near or if I even see one coming.

21. There are exceptions to Fact #20…. like my one cousin’s dogs, that are both Rottweilers. Of course I won’t go near them without my cousin being around but I am warming up to them a bit.

22. I have an intense phobia of fire, even smoke will set me in a panic at times.

23. I stink at video games like Super Mario Bros, but am good at video games like Tetris.

24. Speaking of Tetris, thanks to the Internet I am definitely addicted to the game.

25. Same goes for Dr. Mario.

26. The first book I bought after graduating high school was The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

27. For my twenty first birthday I received The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe from my mother.

28. I like Harley Davison’s even though I can’t drive them, and most likely will never be on another motorcycle again in my life.

29. When I say never on another motorcycle again, that means I have been taken out for a quick ride on a motorcycle. Friend of my mom’s husband had a Honda Cruiser. That is a great memory.

30. I have however seen Gord Steinke’s motorcycle up close. No I did not touch it or anything, just saw it from about a foot away when I went to Global Edmonton last year for a job shadow.

31. To add to seeing Global Edmonton, I’ve also been on a job shadow at Edmonton Journal.

32. I’ve also seen CTV Edmonton.

33. I’m an aspiring journalist. (Kind of a no brainer there, considering facts 30- 32).

34. To add to 33, I’ve been very fortunate to meet some local journalists. To name a few, Josh Classen (and yes I know he’s a meteorologist, but I’m still including him!), Daryl McIntyre, Erin Isfeld, J’lyn Nye, Su-Ling Goh, Erin Chalmers, and others.

35. I’ve known what College/University I want to attend, since I was about 10 years old.

36. My hair may not be curly, but it has a natural wave to it.

37. Yes, I am signed as a model but I have not got a call in over two years so that’s kind of a moot point, at this time in my life. Never really did anything anyway, except a modelling class, and one audition for a commercial (which I bombed so terribly, it’s not funny).

38. I was in a swimming accident when I was about 7 years old.

39. I don’t actually remember anything about the accident except for being surrounded by water, and then waking up in the hospital ICU.

40. I have seizures, but so far they’re non-epileptic.

41. I’ve been blessed with good friends, and most recently got the chance to see a Celtic Woman concert;  one of my favourite music groups, and meet two of the performers. I’m grateful to my friends for making this experience possible.

42. I was in Brownies, Girl Guides and Pathfinders as a kid.

43. I was in piano lessons for 16 years and yet my knowledge of music theory stinks.

44. I had one dream realized about two years ago, to see a bald eagle in the wild and still the memory brings a smile to my face.

45. The next animal I would love to see one day, in the wild, that I never have before is a dolphin.

46. I dream of visiting Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, Sweden and Wales.

47. I have a speech impediment. It’s improved a lot since I was little, but I am still self conscious about it.

48. Fact 47  is the main reason I tend to not want to become a radio personality, or news anchor (and I mean no offence whatsoever to anyone). Although I have been told I could always work with a vocal coach, so who knows.

49. I also would not anyone to see my seizures, but I am slowly learning to not be so embarrassed by them.

50. I love the feel of rain on my face, but preferably only if it’s a light drizzle type rainfall. A torrential downpour might hurt …. lol

51. I’ve been to a ladies night once in my life, but only once.

52. I wish I had blue eyes.

53. I adore a man with blue eyes. They remind me of my grandfather who had baby blue eyes. Yes, I still really miss him.

54. I paint ceramics, not too often, but I do have tons of paint for the ceramic ornaments I have.

55. I am proud of my Northern Irish heritage.

56. I’m proud to be part Scottish too.

57. As well, I’m also part Welsh, British, French, and Swedish.

58. I am afraid of needles.

59. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina.

60. I even had pink ballet slippers.

61. I’ve never been to Australia, but I adore koalas and kangaroos. They look so cute!

62. Whether I’ll ever test fate and try having children in my life, is up in the air at this point.

63. That hasn’t stopped me from thinking up baby names. Lariana, Mareesha, Caleesha are three girl names I’ve thought of.

64. Boys names are proving harder for me to come up with, but so far I like Raoul John or John Raoul.

65. I know at least some of the words to 99 Luftballons. (Still working on it…)

66. When I was little I had about a hundred Barbie dolls.

67. I also used to like playing with My Little Ponies, when I was young.

68. I have a tiny toy revolving helicopter on my desk, and love to watch it spin when I’m bored.

69. I get bored easily.

70. I dislike weekends, always have. I’d rather be at school.

71. I own a violin, but don’t really know how to play.

72. As of the Celtic Woman concert, I have my violin signed.

73. I admit I haven’t been on a horse in years but I still say I love horses.

74. I was once kicked in the head by a shoe, while minding my own business walking in the park at school when I was a kid.

75. I tried living on my own but then seizures started, and I’m back living with my parents for now.

76. There are still several journalists whom I admire, that I’d like to meet one day.

77. I’ve been called a journalist already, but won’t even fathom calling myself one until I’ve graduated journalism school, gotten a job working at a magazine, newspaper, or tv station. (or heaven forbid, a radio station).

78. I’ve been called a geek before, mother (in a sarcastic tone), nerd, boring, no fun, etc. many times and honestly I just laugh it off.

79. I’m a proud aunt to four nephews, and a niece. I don’t get to see them that much, but think of them often.

80. I’m the “baby” of five.

81. I have an interest in meteorology, but have made my peace with never being a meteorologist.

82. Why do I say I’ll never become a meteorologist? One because my focus is on writing news, and two ….. my math is atrocious!

83. Seriously, I can barely multiply 3×3.

84. I wish they had debate clubs in schools still.

85. I have relatives that are/were educators and I’m proud.

86. I may not ever teach in a classroom as I once aspired to, but I think of my becoming a journalist one day as being an educator in another way, I’ll be educating people on what’s happening in their town, city, etc and bringing to light views on subjects (like the ever controversial abortion)that maybe people hadn’t thought of before.

87. I can’t believe I’m almost at Fact number 90!

88. I have a distant cousin who is a Paralympian, (fifth or Sixth cousin I think) but I’ve never met him.

89. I would love to meet him one day. Not just for being a paralympic gold medallist but because he’s a relative.

90. I love to have fun!


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