Random Phrases in French, Spanish, Hebrew and Irish

Bonjour – French (hello)

Dia dhuit – Irish (hello or literal translation is God to you)

Bonjourno -Italian (hello)

Guten tag – German (good day)

Guten morgen – German (good morning)

Shalom – Hebrew (hello)

T’an sai – Cree (Hello)

Grazie – Italian (thank you)

Gracias – Spasnish (thank you)

Go raibh maith agat – Irish (thank you)

Merci – French (thank you)

Merci beaucoup – French (thank you very much)

Toda – Hebrew (Thank you)

Toda raba – Hebrew (thank you very much)

Wie gehts? – German (how goes it?)

Ca va? – French (How are you?)

Conas ata tu? – Irish (How are you?)

Mahal kita – Filipino (I love you)

Ta gra agam ort – Irish (I love you)

Ich liebe dich – German (I love you)

Je t’adore – Quebec French (I love you)

J’adore – Parisian French (I love you)

Note: I am unsure of the last two phrases in this note, so if you speak either dialect of French, please correct me if I am mistaken.


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