Motorcycle Riders are Cool People

“Anyone who drives a motorcycle is either a crook or a deadbeat.” I have heard this statement before. It is simply not true. Stereotyping is always wrong. It’s like saying everyone from a certain culture, are bad people, and I know that not to be true either. Yes motorcycles are fast, yes they are noisy but don’t typecast those who drive them. Of course there are two sides to every story. Maybe some who ride are in fact less than nice people. However the ones I’ve met who ride have proven to be quite nice.

A perfect example I can think of is Daryl McIntyre. Local TV news personality extraordinaire, when I met him he came across as a nice person; professional of course, but also courteous and fun. Still rather new to the motorcycle “scene,” he proves there is no one particular profile to fill, to be a motorcyclist.

Not being a motorcyclist myself, I still have an appreciation for “hogs.” I surmise that to ride is symbolic of true freedom. The open road, able to ride like the wind; there is a connotation behind driving a motorcycle that the rider is rebellious, and “putting the pedal to the metal.” While I don’t know if this is totally true, I wonder if it could be.

Take for example a young male who rides. Could their reason behind riding, be purely to rebel against their parents? Could they be trying to attract attention from the opposite sex? That is altogether probable. Some girls do like men who seem more on the wild side. Regardless of that however, is the truth behind motorcyclists. Young and old, rich or poor all types of people can enjoy riding motorcycles. Some might look tough with all their riding gear on, but underneath they can be great people. Just think of all the charities that involve motorcycle riding. There is the Stars Air Ambulance ride, Motorcycle Ride for Dad, and Ride for Sight. These are only three charity motorcycle runs, there are tons of others. This proves those that ride motorcycles are not “seedy” but charitable, and good people.

So whether you’re man or woman, black, white, or mixed race; if you like riding I leave you with these words. Ride on, ride the wind and enjoy the views along the way.

Thank you to Daryl McIntyre for allowing me to mention him in this blog post.


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