Resumes and Applications = An Exercise in Fact Checking

Well as some of you might know, I have been working on my application for Grant MacEwan University. I’ve also been busy, working on my résumé. Should be fairly simple right? If only it were!

At the best of times, I have an exceptionally poor memory. One of my favourite applications on my Mac Mini, and my laptop is Sticky Notes. With this application, I am able to write as many reminders to myself, as I need to. It goes without saying Sticky Notes has been a god-sent app, for me. I digress however.

Due to my poor memory, I’ve had to go back the last few days and weeks, sending emails and making phone calls. I’ve had my fair share of practice in checking my own facts. From dates of activities I have been involved in, to double checking with references that I may still use them as such. (The latter of which, I try to do periodically anyway).

As someone who wishes to further my education, I find the challenge of preparing to apply to University daunting.  Looking for employment is as perplexing.  Trying to look at the situation from the perspective of an aspiring journalist, the past few weeks have certainly been an exercise in fact checking. After all, journalists need to ensure accuracy in their stories right?  Resumes in themselves need the same accuracy of facts. I need to have all my ducks in a row, as it were, in regards to my résumé. Accuracy and truthfulness, is that not at the heart of journalism? It would seem, it crosses over into other areas of everyday life as well.

At any rate, wish me luck finding work. To date, I quit looking years ago, I’ll readily admit that.  Last time I was on the job hunt, I grew overly frustrated. Yet I’m thinking, at only 18 years old then, perhaps I was not ready to join the workforce. Depression and self-doubt be damned; I’m ready now. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.


Happy New Beginnings Global National

Thus begins the new beginnings at Global National. Today was Dawna Friesen’s first newscast, with the national newscast. What an exemplary job! From her professional demeanour, sharp-looking attire, and confident command of the task at hand, Ms. Friesen does seem to fit the mould as a news anchor.

From 5:30 to 6:00 tonight I was, not surprisingly, immersed in learning of the news of the day.  The Alberta government, despite protests, will not approve clinical trials of CCSVI – the Liberation treatment. Also, the levels of Manganese are being linked to I.Q. in young children.  Through all the stories of the day, Dawna Friesen proved she has the right stuff for the job. Speaking directly, and confidently she had a tone that was pleasing to the ear, but also understandable to viewers at home. (Well, at least me).

With regards to the new graphics and music changes; they were very nice touches! I also am eager to see how the new feature of Global National plays out. Global National hopes to showcase our great nation, through viewer photography that’s sent in to the station. Of course it’s the news that matters most, and is the primary focus for me. I can’t help but be curious now as to what cities and towns, landmarks, landscapes and wildlife will be shown. I will just have to wait and see.

Congratulations Ms. Friesen on your début. I look forward to watching many more Global National newscasts with you as chief anchor. As they might say on Extreme Makeover- Home Edition, “Welcome home Dawna Friesen, welcome home.”

New Era Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow the face of Global National will change; literally. I’m all for it! Earlier this year it was announced Kevin Newman would be stepping down as chief anchor of the national newscast. A coveted position as always, it was later revealed Dawna Friesen, formerly of NBC and Winnipeg native, would take the helm. What a change this will be!

Every newscaster is different. They have different writing styles, different inflections in their voice, and even signs offs do vary.  Dawna Friesen, I am sure, is no exception to this. As a woman, I am all for a woman taking her place as anchor for a National newscast. Similarly, as an aspiring journalist, I admit much curiosity.

I am curious about Ms. Friesen’s style; right down to how she’ll pronounce certain words such as kilometre. Also, what sort of inflections will there be in her voice, while she presents the news stories of the day? After all, everyone is different in what words they put emphasis on when presenting reports, telling a story, or when they’re engaged in casual conversation.

Also what will her sign off be? Will she choose to have one? I, of course, have no idea. Tomorrow I hope to find out.

Beyond that, Global National has moved their studio back to British Columbia. That means changes to the set, and maybe other changes I am unaware of.  So, as an aspiring journalist I say best of luck Ms. Friesen.  As a woman I say –  Ms. Friesen, you are a real role model for young girls.

Valuing Good Entertainment – A Thing of the Past

America’s Got Talent announced their winner, a few nights ago.  Needless to say the act I was cheering for did not win. So allow me to be a little opinionated in this post.

What does it say of society; when good, clean entertainment with morals becomes a thing of the past? Are we due for another Noah’s Ark perhaps?  I fear we are long overdue.Young girls in belly shirts, and shorts that barely cover their innocence and young men in pants so baggy their underwear is clearly visible. It does cause for concern.

Also, what about the exhaustive list of pop music “performers” whose idea of entertaining, is running around a stage while being scantily clad in anything that will garner the excitement and attention they so desperately want? To those of you, who are fans of America’s Got Talent, you’d could guess who I was hoping to win. I was really rooting for Jackie Evancho.

Yes I realize I was not the only one hoping this talented girl would win. However, I am still apalled the pop singer won! Don’t we have enough Britney’s, Christina’s and J’lo’s? Apparently the world doesn’t seem to think so.

Gone are the days when true talent was held in high regard. Now it’s all about the mainstream. How sad the world has become! Jackie, you are a great singer; never forget that. If you work hard and persevere, amazing things are bound to happen.

Phobias – What are You Scared of?

We all have them. Phobias are a part of life, no matter how unpleasant they are. This morning while going about checking the news sources I follow online, I met up against one of my phobias. I have intense arachnophobia. Merely seeing a photo of a spider sends shivers along my spine. I saw a photo of a tarantula.  Actually, I saw a few photos. Now you might think, I am a coward, and admittedly I am in some respects.

Having had at least one or two incidents with spiders in my childhood, arachnids have scared me ever since. There are ways to combat phobias of course, and I am slowly working on overcoming another phobia of mine. Next spring I hope to be given the opportunity to rappel off of Sutton Place hotel. One, it is a great fund-raiser for Easter Seals. Beyond that, I want to face my fear of heights. Hopefully I can eradicate my fear of heights, but I’m still not so sure about my arachnophobia.

What do you think? What are some of your fears? I would love to hear from you.

Whatever Works

For years I’ve been a quiet observer.  I’ve listened in class, and paid attention in life. You’ve probably heard it too. Someone will always believe their way of thinking, or doing things is best. I say they’re wrong. Whatever works for the individual, is what’s best.

Take for example the age-old argument over Coke and Pepsi. Which is best? Which do you prefer?  Those who are exclusive to Coke put down those who drink Pepsi, and vice versa.      Well my two cents on that-I drink both, and I like both.

One of my favourite aspects of society is how different each of us is. Sure there can be preferences we share, such as a love for country music or hiking in the mountains, but no two people agree on everything. That’s just impractical to suggest such a possibility. To add to preferences being varied person to person, is how we go about accomplishing goals and daily activities.

A scenario, if you will: An outdoor barbecue with family and neighbours. You decide on cooking steaks. Undoubtedly a disagreement could ensue, on the proper way to prepare the steaks. Some say medium rare is the way to go for a proper steak; while others say steaks served well down are best. There are countless ways to barbecue a good steak; including how well cooked it is, or what sauce you put on the steaks. No one way is wrong; it’s all a personal choice. I for one do not like steaks that much, and prefer pork chops or ribs.

So whether you like hip hop music or jazz, medium rare or well done steaks, or a Mohawk versus a crew cut, it’s all up to what you like. Similarly, if you prefer to take things slow or go full speed ahead and get through things quickly, who’s to say your way is the wrong way? After all, if it works for you, isn’t that what matters?

Saying Goodbye

So, I’m writing this a few months after the fact but I’ve recently lost a friend. No, there was no big dramatic fight. Cancer claimed the life of yet one more human life. Now I find myself thinking; about life, and mortality.

Only weeks apart in age, I first remember meeting him in high school. We never had any classes together, but saw each other most days in between classes. We always made a point to say hello to each other. It was half way through high school, that I noticed something was amiss. He started to be absent from school and when he came back, there was a patch of his hair that had been shaved. I never really asked him what was going on. I thought asking him about his new “bald spot” would have been rude, and disrespectful of him and our friendship.

Now I wonder, was that the first sign of Cancer? Most likely, it was. So young a person, he was what I recall fondly as a gentle giant. Being fairly tall, he would tease me to no end about my short stature. I loved it. To others he was Michael, but to me he was Mike (Mikey in private).

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide each year. Medical advances have made for better treatments, but people still die every day of various Cancers. Michael had a brain tumour. In the medical world, he would be a statistic and nothing more.

For me, he was a friend. I miss him. I pray there is a cure for all types of Cancers one day. No one should have to say good-bye to anyone we care about. Good bye Mikey.

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