Upcoming Question and Answer!

Have you ever heard of Spina Bifida? Maybe you have, and would like to know more?  Or maybe you have no clue what it is. Either way, if you have a question for me on Spina Bifida, now is the time to ask.  I will be taking all questions asked and compiling them, with my answers, into a Vlog.  Any and all questions welcome. My thought is – if I’m not willing to be totally open and honest, about every aspect of Spina Bifida, than I shouldn’t be trying to teach others about this condition.

I am willing however, to answer all questions as honestly and as best I can. If I don’t know, I will find someone who does.  If you’d like to ask a question for my upcoming Question and Answer Vlog – email me at mattelina17@hotmail.com or leave your questions in a blog comment on this blog.  Look forward to your questions!

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