Maybe Someday (My Bucket List)

So others have made their own bucket lists. Here is my bucket list; for better or worse.

1. Be accepted into j-school, graduate and become a successful news writer, copy writer, editor or any one of those jobs.

2. Learn to ride a bike.  Yes it sounds so ridiculous and most would be like “Oh my god, you never learned to ride a bike!?”  The answer is an obvious no. I’ve always had extremely poor balance, so as a result wasn’t all that keen, as a child, to ride the bikes, roller blades, and skateboard that my brother and his friends did.

3. See a dolphin in the wild. Yes I’ve seen them in movies, TV shows, photos, etc. To me there’s nothing better than seeing animals in their natural environments.

4. Have an opportunity to get back on a horse and ride. I haven’t been able to horseback ride in years, and I miss it.

5.Study the German, French, and Irish languages.  These are all parts of my heritage, and while I know some German, French and Irish, I could always do with more studying.

6. Visit Ireland/Northern Ireland, Germany, France, etc.  Again, these are all parts of my heritage. I’d love to learn more about where my ancestors might have once lived.

7. Sing the national anthem at any public function whether a sporting event, cultural festival, etc.

8. Meet local journalists that I haven’t met like…

From CTV Edmonton – Carrie Doll, Graham Neil, Jeanette Labrie and Susan Amerongen.

From Global Edmonton-Lesley MacDonald, Mike Sobel, Shaye Ganam, Dean Millard and Julie Matthews.

Formerly of Global Edmonton- Andrea Engel

From BT Edmonton- Ryan Jespersen, Stacey Brotzel, Michele McDougall, Carla Turner and Bridget Ryan.

From Edmonton Journal-Cam Tait, Kerry Powell, Elizabeth Withey and Paula Simons.

From various Edmonton radio stations- J’lyn Nye, Ryann Bradley, Gary James, Derek Allen, Kari Skelton, Stacy Woodward, Scott C. Bourgeois Morgan Smith, and Jeremy Lye.

9. I’d like to meet some non local journalists as well.

CTV News Channel journalists Marcia MacMillan, Jacqueline Milczarek, Lisa LaFlamme and of course one can never forget ….. Lloyd Robertson.

Global National- Dawna Friesen, Carolyn Jarvis and formerly of Global National I’d still dream of meeting Kevin Newman someday.

From the United States- Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper.

Here’s my bucket list. I realize the chances of meeting those last 3 people mentioned, are not the greatest but a girl can still dream. Doubly so if that girl is an aspiring journalist…. right? 😀


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. R0gueWarri0r
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 15:00:02

    Nothing wrong with this list. Go for it! I have similar “heritage” list items I’d like to cross off some day too, after I clear up a little paternity mystery.


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