Saying Goodbye

So, I’m writing this a few months after the fact but I’ve recently lost a friend. No, there was no big dramatic fight. Cancer claimed the life of yet one more human life. Now I find myself thinking; about life, and mortality.

Only weeks apart in age, I first remember meeting him in high school. We never had any classes together, but saw each other most days in between classes. We always made a point to say hello to each other. It was half way through high school, that I noticed something was amiss. He started to be absent from school and when he came back, there was a patch of his hair that had been shaved. I never really asked him what was going on. I thought asking him about his new “bald spot” would have been rude, and disrespectful of him and our friendship.

Now I wonder, was that the first sign of Cancer? Most likely, it was. So young a person, he was what I recall fondly as a gentle giant. Being fairly tall, he would tease me to no end about my short stature. I loved it. To others he was Michael, but to me he was Mike (Mikey in private).

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide each year. Medical advances have made for better treatments, but people still die every day of various Cancers. Michael had a brain tumour. In the medical world, he would be a statistic and nothing more.

For me, he was a friend. I miss him. I pray there is a cure for all types of Cancers one day. No one should have to say good-bye to anyone we care about. Good bye Mikey.


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