Whatever Works

For years I’ve been a quiet observer.  I’ve listened in class, and paid attention in life. You’ve probably heard it too. Someone will always believe their way of thinking, or doing things is best. I say they’re wrong. Whatever works for the individual, is what’s best.

Take for example the age-old argument over Coke and Pepsi. Which is best? Which do you prefer?  Those who are exclusive to Coke put down those who drink Pepsi, and vice versa.      Well my two cents on that-I drink both, and I like both.

One of my favourite aspects of society is how different each of us is. Sure there can be preferences we share, such as a love for country music or hiking in the mountains, but no two people agree on everything. That’s just impractical to suggest such a possibility. To add to preferences being varied person to person, is how we go about accomplishing goals and daily activities.

A scenario, if you will: An outdoor barbecue with family and neighbours. You decide on cooking steaks. Undoubtedly a disagreement could ensue, on the proper way to prepare the steaks. Some say medium rare is the way to go for a proper steak; while others say steaks served well down are best. There are countless ways to barbecue a good steak; including how well cooked it is, or what sauce you put on the steaks. No one way is wrong; it’s all a personal choice. I for one do not like steaks that much, and prefer pork chops or ribs.

So whether you like hip hop music or jazz, medium rare or well done steaks, or a Mohawk versus a crew cut, it’s all up to what you like. Similarly, if you prefer to take things slow or go full speed ahead and get through things quickly, who’s to say your way is the wrong way? After all, if it works for you, isn’t that what matters?


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