Valuing Good Entertainment – A Thing of the Past

America’s Got Talent announced their winner, a few nights ago.  Needless to say the act I was cheering for did not win. So allow me to be a little opinionated in this post.

What does it say of society; when good, clean entertainment with morals becomes a thing of the past? Are we due for another Noah’s Ark perhaps?  I fear we are long overdue.Young girls in belly shirts, and shorts that barely cover their innocence and young men in pants so baggy their underwear is clearly visible. It does cause for concern.

Also, what about the exhaustive list of pop music “performers” whose idea of entertaining, is running around a stage while being scantily clad in anything that will garner the excitement and attention they so desperately want? To those of you, who are fans of America’s Got Talent, you’d could guess who I was hoping to win. I was really rooting for Jackie Evancho.

Yes I realize I was not the only one hoping this talented girl would win. However, I am still apalled the pop singer won! Don’t we have enough Britney’s, Christina’s and J’lo’s? Apparently the world doesn’t seem to think so.

Gone are the days when true talent was held in high regard. Now it’s all about the mainstream. How sad the world has become! Jackie, you are a great singer; never forget that. If you work hard and persevere, amazing things are bound to happen.


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