New Era Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow the face of Global National will change; literally. I’m all for it! Earlier this year it was announced Kevin Newman would be stepping down as chief anchor of the national newscast. A coveted position as always, it was later revealed Dawna Friesen, formerly of NBC and Winnipeg native, would take the helm. What a change this will be!

Every newscaster is different. They have different writing styles, different inflections in their voice, and even signs offs do vary.  Dawna Friesen, I am sure, is no exception to this. As a woman, I am all for a woman taking her place as anchor for a National newscast. Similarly, as an aspiring journalist, I admit much curiosity.

I am curious about Ms. Friesen’s style; right down to how she’ll pronounce certain words such as kilometre. Also, what sort of inflections will there be in her voice, while she presents the news stories of the day? After all, everyone is different in what words they put emphasis on when presenting reports, telling a story, or when they’re engaged in casual conversation.

Also what will her sign off be? Will she choose to have one? I, of course, have no idea. Tomorrow I hope to find out.

Beyond that, Global National has moved their studio back to British Columbia. That means changes to the set, and maybe other changes I am unaware of.  So, as an aspiring journalist I say best of luck Ms. Friesen.  As a woman I say –  Ms. Friesen, you are a real role model for young girls.


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