Happy New Beginnings Global National

Thus begins the new beginnings at Global National. Today was Dawna Friesen’s first newscast, with the national newscast. What an exemplary job! From her professional demeanour, sharp-looking attire, and confident command of the task at hand, Ms. Friesen does seem to fit the mould as a news anchor.

From 5:30 to 6:00 tonight I was, not surprisingly, immersed in learning of the news of the day.  The Alberta government, despite protests, will not approve clinical trials of CCSVI – the Liberation treatment. Also, the levels of Manganese are being linked to I.Q. in young children.  Through all the stories of the day, Dawna Friesen proved she has the right stuff for the job. Speaking directly, and confidently she had a tone that was pleasing to the ear, but also understandable to viewers at home. (Well, at least me).

With regards to the new graphics and music changes; they were very nice touches! I also am eager to see how the new feature of Global National plays out. Global National hopes to showcase our great nation, through viewer photography that’s sent in to the station. Of course it’s the news that matters most, and is the primary focus for me. I can’t help but be curious now as to what cities and towns, landmarks, landscapes and wildlife will be shown. I will just have to wait and see.

Congratulations Ms. Friesen on your début. I look forward to watching many more Global National newscasts with you as chief anchor. As they might say on Extreme Makeover- Home Edition, “Welcome home Dawna Friesen, welcome home.”


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