Resumes and Applications = An Exercise in Fact Checking

Well as some of you might know, I have been working on my application for Grant MacEwan University. I’ve also been busy, working on my résumé. Should be fairly simple right? If only it were!

At the best of times, I have an exceptionally poor memory. One of my favourite applications on my Mac Mini, and my laptop is Sticky Notes. With this application, I am able to write as many reminders to myself, as I need to. It goes without saying Sticky Notes has been a god-sent app, for me. I digress however.

Due to my poor memory, I’ve had to go back the last few days and weeks, sending emails and making phone calls. I’ve had my fair share of practice in checking my own facts. From dates of activities I have been involved in, to double checking with references that I may still use them as such. (The latter of which, I try to do periodically anyway).

As someone who wishes to further my education, I find the challenge of preparing to apply to University daunting.  Looking for employment is as perplexing.  Trying to look at the situation from the perspective of an aspiring journalist, the past few weeks have certainly been an exercise in fact checking. After all, journalists need to ensure accuracy in their stories right?  Resumes in themselves need the same accuracy of facts. I need to have all my ducks in a row, as it were, in regards to my résumé. Accuracy and truthfulness, is that not at the heart of journalism? It would seem, it crosses over into other areas of everyday life as well.

At any rate, wish me luck finding work. To date, I quit looking years ago, I’ll readily admit that.  Last time I was on the job hunt, I grew overly frustrated. Yet I’m thinking, at only 18 years old then, perhaps I was not ready to join the workforce. Depression and self-doubt be damned; I’m ready now. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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