What is Wrong With Me?

That’s been the main question on my mind, for a little over a week now. First a breakdown of events:

Friday, September 24- I awoke around 3 am to my dog needing to use the facilities outside.     The moment I stood from my bed, I had my first indication something was wrong. Overcome by intense vertigo I inched my way down the short and narrow hallway in my house. Putting my dog outside, I promptly sat on one of the steps that leads to our back door. After Shadow was ready to come back inside, I made my way back to my room, slowly, and settled back in bed.

At about 8 I woke up again, which is my normal time to start the day. All signs of vertigo gone, I prepared to spend my day watching news, reading headlines online, and writing.  The day passed with no real incident.  (Well nothing other than the usual stresses).

Saturday Can one say on top of the world?  CTV Edmonton’s open house was fun, pure and simple. Saying hello to Mr. McIntyre and Erin Isfeld again, meeting Marni Kuhlmann, Jessica Earle and so many others. Here I will confess that I did experience intermittent periods of pain, during my time at CTV Edmonton. I tried my best not to let it show, and I’m pretty sure I succeeded.

Sunday however is another story. The pain, and nausea from the previous day were constant, and symptoms that were not present on Saturday, had returned.  I was extremely dizzy, light-headed and fatigued. Yep I was dealing with serious vertigo.

At one point, I had to call my neighbour to drive me to the emergency room. I was becoming really unbalanced. Thus began my week of hospital visits.  I was seen by a doctor who ordered x-rays. Did they show anything out of the ordinary? Nope, everything was as it should be.  Due to our local medical centre’s lack of a CT scan and the theory my shunt was malfunctioning, an appointment was made for me with the U of A hospital for the next morning.

So let’s fast forward a bit so as not to bore. The neurosurgeon I saw at the U of A did his initial work up, and then ordered his own x-rays. Those turned out normal (no surprise there) and I was told to go home. I was to return at the end of the week for a second x-ray so the neurosurgeon had something to compare to. He also wanted a CT scan at that time.  Thanks to technology breaking down when you most need it to work, the end of the week came and I was told they were forgoing a CT scan. Still needing that second set of x-rays, I had to come in for that.

This was on the Thursday, and by then I was miserable. The pain, fatigue, nausea and balance issues were constant and frustrating the heck out of me.  A blood test and urine sample were also requested. I went in again to the U of A hospital, and had the x-rays done. To what end? My neurosurgeon then changed his mind about forgoing a CT scan. I was then scheduled for a scan the next day.

The blood tests, and urine sample done at our local medical centre, I again found myself being sent home.  The CT scan was done the next day. Fast forward to today….

I went in to learn the results of the tests. CT scan was clear of abnormalities. So what was wrong with me? Yep sure enough I have a bladder infection. Tiny little microscopic organisms found their way to my bladder. Now I’m on antibiotics for 7 days and then need to go back to the U of A. Hopefully that visit will prove to be my last for a while! I credit my neurosurgeon (although I’ve seen his partner the past week) with my being alive, and ability to enjoy the quality of life I have from a medical standpoint.  He works wonders keeping my shunt working. Despite that however, I’m sure no one could blame me for thinking I’ve seen too much of the hospital lately.

It’s time to start feeling better. I’m confident with these antibiotics; I’ll be back on my feet in no time.


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