Fun in the Newsroom? Absolutely!

Bit late in writing this post, but wanted to write about my experience at the recent CTV Edmonton open house.

In a statement – What a blast! Going first to the newsroom, meeting Kevin Armstrong; I then went to the weather centre. Josh Classen, as always, was gracious and welcoming. We spoke for a brief moment and then I set out for the studio. What a fantastic scene! People all over, and Marni Kuhlmann and Daryl McIntyre were sitting at the news desk.

Meeting Marni was great, and part of me is still blushing after hearing Daryl say hello to me by name. He remembered me from the Joe FM Bowl for Children!? I am still humbled by that. Erin Isfeld was gorgeous as ever, and fun to chat with.

The moment that truly stands out for me, that happened in the studio, did not involve anyone at CTV. There was a very sweet older lady there, who once seeing my CTV foam microphone was asking where to get one herself. Without thinking I gave her my extra one. (Seriously, I didn’t need two anyway).  Her reaction was to hug me, ask my name and say thank you so profusely that I was touched how much that one gesture could mean to someone.

A special thank you goes to Jessica Earle. Upon hearing that I was an aspiring journalist, and in particular wanted to learn about news writers, Ms. Earle promptly introduced me to a CTV news writer. I was then given a quick lesson on what a news writer does.  Thank you to Jessica Earle for the introduction, and to Nahreman Issa for the tutorial on news writing. I very much appreciate every chance to learn, and this was no exception.

So it was a good day, and furthers my commitment to myself. If there’s a will, there will be a way. I love news, and current events and cannot wait for the day I can call myself a journalist. Though I know that is years away, not to mention the hard work that would await me in J-school.


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