Including People with Disabilities in Democratic Process

I was watching CTV Edmonton this morning, and heard about a machine that was being used to better enable people with disabilities to cast their votes in this year’s municipal election in Edmonton. What a great idea! Yet, as good as this technology’s and the City of Edmonton’s intention I have to wonder. What about people whose disabilities that prevent them from getting to the polls? I.E. Cannot drive and aren’t regular passengers of D.A.T.S. Yes I realize there are ETS buses that are wheelchair accessible, etc., but not everyone is keen to ride the city buses right? To have my question answered I went to the City of Edmonton’s website.

Upon a quick search for what I was looking for, I found out that the City of Edmonton offers Special Ballots that can be delivered by mail or picked up, and then dropped off. I had also asked about the possibility of volunteers driving people with disabilities to the polls, to ensure their voice is heard in their vote. The answer to that was that, that service is left up to the individual candidates and not offered by the city.

Now I wonder though, what if any candidates provide that service or would think to provide it in the future? That’s for another blog post. Happy voting Edmonton and area; go out and make your voice heard!



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