After the Birthday Bash

Well my birthday’s not for another day but yesterday I got together with some close friends to celebrate early. Maybe bowling and dinner doesn’t qualify as a “birthday bash” but it was still fun.

A girl’s night out there were adult jokes made aimed at men on the way to Ed’s Rec Room in West Edmonton Mall (sorry guys, all in good fun!).  The place was already hopping by the time we got there, but there were two other guests that were coming in their own vehicle, so we waited a few minutes for them.

While we waited, we sat and chatted, and I opened a gift that was given to me. As I write this, I am still wearing my beautiful necklace that was given to me. We joked about, and tried taking some photos with my camera although it unfortunately was acting pernickety so I’d have to go back and see which if any photos were taken. After only a few short minutes wait, the whole gang was there and I immediately had another present given to me.

I was given a card with twenty dollars, and a book on events, etc. that occurred in 1985. Did you know Colour Purple came out in 1985? Definitely one of my all-time favourite movies!

Then…. bowling!! How I got two strikes in the course of one game, I will never know but in a word: COOL!! (Yes, yes I’m a dork). We played one game, and man I love cosmic bowling now. Then we packed up and walked to Bourbon Street for dinner.

As luck would have it though, it was a wait to get in to Old Spaghetti Factory so we decided to walk over to Winners as my mother wanted to buy a hat for one of my guests. (I had been given a hat as a present en route to the Mall, and at least two others in our entourage had hats on, so yea there was a theme going apparently…).

After about an hour of that we walked back to Bourbon Street, and sat in the restaurant for a table to be ready. Dinner, in a single word, was fabulous! Since it was my birthday dinner, the waiters and waitresses came over and served everyone, at our table, ice cream. I also ordered the torte and oh my god that was FABULOUS! Chocolate is yum!

While we ate we sat joking, and chatting. The Oilers game was on, so we watched that a bit too. I received a gift of a Breast Cancer bear, a small bag of jelly beans and pledge money as I’m going into the Hair Massacure early next year.

A perfect evening and one I won’t soon forget. Great friends, great food, lots of laughs and hey the bowling was well, cosmic!


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