Quarter of a Century

This past Saturday was my party, but yesterday was my actual birthday. As such I was taken out for a birthday dinner; a tradition in the family whenever someone is having a birthday. First though, we went to vote. My brother was still in the city so my mom; dad and I went to the nearest polling station and did our civic duty. Then my dad called my brother on his cell phone, and I was asked to speak to him.

Joking around with my brother about going to Red Lobster, to my surprise he put his foot down. If I wanted to go to Red Lobster, we would go. My brother kept stressing that it was my 25th after all.

My goodness the food was delicious! My mom and I both ordered never ending shrimp and it was so good. We chatted a bit while we ate, and the waiters were very courteous, both wishing me a happy birthday as we left after our appetites were satisfied.

Now I ponder on the events of yesterday. Waking up an hour earlier than I usually do, I already had my email inbox filled with birthday wishes. I received an email from a local radio station telling me that since I was one of their loyal listeners, I was to go to their station office and pick up birthday gifts from their sponsors. Seriously, just being there will be a dream for me!

Amid all the birthday wishes, the emails, and the beautiful necklace my mother bought me, I wonder. How does one get to be a quarter of a century old? We all start off as these howling, helpless beings but things change fast. Soon we learn to walk, to talk and then before anyone knows what’s happening we’re hanging out with friends and engaging in conversations about the opposite sex.

Then comes wanting to borrow the car keys from our parents.  Now I’m awaiting word from a University if they’ll accept me into their institution. Growing up can be near impossible at times; there’s a lot of heart break and life lessons involved, but in looking back I wonder. Where did the time go? It all seems to have gone by so quickly now.

Well at any rate, here’s to my 30th, only five years away.


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