Lessons Learned at Twenty Five

I’ve been twenty-five years old for eleven days now. Have I learned anything new, with the extra year on me? I’d have to say; I most definitely have. Some lessons have been easy to come by and were relatively painless, yet others have come with some serious pains.

For one, just the day after my birthday I learned to always make sure the saucepan is on the burner you intend on using. My burns from this lesson have been healing nicely, but one in particular is still rather evident on my hand.

Another lesson I have learned at a quarter of a century, is to never leave your cell phone in a car to freeze and allow the battery to drain. I was out last night, and felt really kind of bare without it.

One last lesson I have learned in the past eleven days, that I’ll mention in this blog, is great things will come to you, when you least expect them. Yes seeking out opportunity can be a good thing, but opportunities could present themselves out of the blue too.

So life is full of experiences and life lessons both good and bad. Some lessons can be quite easy to learn and others seem to nearly steamroll you before they sink in. I have plenty more lessons to learn in my life, and I’ll just let things play out as they’re meant to.


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