Mo Sistas Soiree

What do you get when you mix Movember, great wine and Mo Sistas? You get Mo-tini Wishes & Mi-Mo-Sa Soiree. The soiree was a charity kick-off for Movember, which raises money and awareness for prostate cancer.

For me it was a chance to meet new people. I confess I feel really uncomfortable in crowds, and especially when I know next to no one. Yet I was able to strike up conversation with a few ladies nonetheless. Beyond that, the appetizers were delicious, the raffle was fun and the wine was good.

Meeting Ryan Jespersen and Kari Skelton last night was great; what a great couple! Both are welcoming, smart and hardworking and that’s not just on the clock! I was fortunate enough to speak to them both individually about journalism, and my dream of entering into the noble profession of journalist.,

J’lyn Nye was gorgeous as always and gracious to speak with for a moment. Others I had met before, that were there, were Brittney Le Blanc, and Debra Ward. It was great seeing them there as well.

I believe I read on Twitter last night, the Soiree raised $1500 for Movember. So all in all, I had fun, met some great new people and money was raised for a great cause. It’s a cliché but, let’s help make all cancers history.


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