An Old Game Seems New Again

So maybe Carmageddon isn’t all that old. Carmageddon is a racing game that came out in the 90s. Like other racing games there was an aim to complete a racing circuit with a set number of laps; but unlike other racing games, there two alternative ways to complete each race. You could run over all pedestrians or render all opponents’ vehicles inoperable (in the game this is called “Wasting em”).

Having grown up with this game as a girl, I have good memories of playing Carmageddon. Yes there is swearing in the game, and yes there is blood and gore; yet there was also a level of fun. I remember once years ago having been given a copy of the game. I had nearly reached the end of the game, which would unlock the car I always sought after, when the game suddenly went corrupt and I could no longer play. Needless to say I was not a happy camper about it! Yet now, I find myself with another opportunity to play this old classical computer game which was a child hood favourite. Maybe this time I will be victorious and achieve that blue car at the end, that shoots bolts of electricity when a pedestrian is nearby.  Hours of game play await me before I can meet this goal. While I work at it, I’m sure to have fun. I won’t just be playing a fun (yet admittedly very violent) computer game, but I’ll be taking a stroll down memory lane.

How does an old game seem new again?  I barely remember the cars, and the races, etc.


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