One More Step

This past Thursday I spent the day at Grant MacEwan University’s main campus. I had a meeting to discuss accommodations I might need as a prospective student such as extra time, writing exams on a computer, etc. We chatted about what sorts of accommodations I have had in the past, and any concerns I had about attending the University.

The appointment was over in about 20 minutes or so I’d guess; then I went to find a seat near the campus’ modest selection of restaurants. Ordering myself something to eat, I went about setting up my laptop which I had brought with me. It was only then that I realized, the Wi-Fi on the campus is only accessible to current Grant MacEwan students. After that I settled down in my seat to read the book I had brought, and occasionally tweet via my Blackberry’s Twitter app.

The day was relatively uneventful but I still feel as if it was a bit surreal. Growing up there was the odd person who didn’t think I could graduate high school, and here I am working towards University. It’s still rather frightening to think of at times.  I digress however, back to the story at hand.

Spending the day reading, tweeting via phone and striking up conversation with a few students, I also tried my first smoothie at Booster Juice (there’s a Booster Juice on campus). The Mango Hurricane has a really sharp tangy taste to it, and I really quite enjoyed it. Funny thing is, I usually dislike yogurt.

All in all it was a good day. I had my meeting, and my writing assessment is scheduled for later this month. I am to write on the computer as per my request (I can write by hand but it causes significant pain). I’m one step closer to my dream of furthering my education, and becoming a journalist someday.


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