Homes for People with Disabilities

This blog post was inspired by an episode of The Little Couple.

Everyone wants a place they can call home. There’s a desire to have a place to relax after a hard day at work. People want somewhere to entertain friends, or just have a good meal with family. What if the house you’re living in; creates so many obstacles for you that your home becomes more just a place to reside?  Too often this is the case and particularly for those with various levels of disability.

Consider a little person, or someone who is otherwise short of stature, high shelves can be impossible to utilize and typical household appliances can be awkward if not dangerous, to use.  Who wants to spill hot soup on themselves, from a microwave placed too high, or boxes fall on them due to the same? Those that use wheelchairs may experience issues with narrow doorways and hallways making navigation difficult.

Then there are those with needs that require a more unique and individualized approach. Take for example, someone with Autism. Now Autism is a spectrum disorder so the following examples might not be suitable or applicable for every person with Autism.  A person with Autism might benefit from rooms that have been sound proofed, or anti slam doors. What could potentially be more calming, than a quiet room and doors that don’t slam when you shut them?

All in all disability or not, whatever the severity, houses, apartments, etc. must be well suited to the individuals living in them. Only then can they really be thought of as home.

Examples presented re: Autism (i.e. Anti-slam doors, sound proof rooms) courtesy of Autism Society of Edmonton.                                                                      Examples presented re: People with dwarfism courtesy of The Little Couple TV show on TLC.                                                                                                       Examples presented re: Wheelchair users courtesy of friends of mine who use wheelchairs.


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