Brrr It’s Cold Out There!

Well today was one freezing cold day. According to Global Edmonton’s evening newscast the temperature got to -36 today (I believe, that’s with the wind chill being factored in). Despite wanting nothing more than to stay in bed, under the comfy warm blankets I had to be in the city today. Today was testing day for me, when I went to write my Writing Assessment as part of the application process to Grant MacEwan.

So who knows why, but I found myself waking up at 3 am and unable to fall back to sleep. That was not such a great way to start the morning. Yet, at about 8 I turned on the news to see what the temperature was going to be that day, and how bad the accidents were. It’s weather like this, that makes me especially glad I can’t medically get behind the wheel.

When I got to the campus, I set out to find the room where I was to write my exam (I was way early, but wanted it that way so I could find my way around beforehand). The exam wasn’t too bad, and I think I did alright. Afterwards I met Garret Kinjerski who had come bearing gifts. I was given some of the first year Journalism textbooks for the program I’m striving for. Thank you again to Laurie Callsen and Garret Kinjerski for the books, I am beyond grateful!

Exam over now, and now I wait with baited breath. It was mentioned to me, it usually takes around six weeks for the exam to be marked, but around this time of year it’s slated to take a bit longer. I most likely won’t hear until after the New Year. Wish me luck all; now to try and figure out this student loans mumbo jumbo that I’ve found online.


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